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Our traffic equipment rental products are essential to ensuring roadways impacted by construction remain safe and navigable. This includes activities such as the installation of traffic cones, signs, and other related equipment, as well as the provision of related advisory and consulting services. Safety-Quip has a variety of inventory to support the efforts of traffic control technicians, flaggers and city planners. Traffic control services are essential for the safe and efficient operation of roads, highways, and public transportation systems, as well as reducing the risk of accidents and providing a smoother traffic flow experience for commuters.

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At Safety-Quip, we have all the traffic equipment rental products you need to make sure job sites and roadways stay safe during construction and repair projects. We have a variety of inventory items in order to provide the necessary services. This includes traffic cones, barricades, signs, and channelizers. Additionally, we also have safety vests, traffic barrels, and traffic drums. Furthermore, we have a variety of lights such as warning lights, arrow boards, and solar powered blinking lights for high visibility during the evening. We carry commonly used road signs such as detour, arrow signs, and road closures. We are proud to provide these services for construction sites and special events needing to reroute traffic and denote detours.

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traffic control cones


A channelizer is a physical device used to create a separation between traffic lanes and provide guidance to drivers. It is typically made of reflective posts, cones, or drums. These narrow stands are able to be used in tight areas where cars may still need to pass through.

traffic control signs

Various Road Signs

Road signs can be rented for traffic control to provide drivers with information about upcoming road conditions and detours, as well as to alert drivers to hazardous conditions. These signs can include stop signs, speed limit signs, yield signs, detour signs, one-way signs, no parking signs, and construction warning signs.

traffic control drum


A traffic barrel, also known as a traffic drum or a delineator, is a large, upright, cylindrical plastic object with reflective tape used to divide traffic lanes or separate vehicles from pedestrians. It is often used on roads and highways to mark construction sites and to provide guidance to drivers.

road closed sign

Road Closure Set Up

Our complete road closure set ups include the sign, blinker light and stands necessary for denoting any closed roadways. The equipment we provide follows all city regulations and requirements to ensure vehicle and pedestrian traffic remain safe.

traffic control barrier

Type II Barricade

A type 2 barricade is a traffic control device used to redirect, block, or protect traffic in a roadway or other area. Type 2 barricades are typically constructed from steel, plastic, or wood, and are typically placed in a zigzag pattern to direct traffic away from a certain area.

traffic control barrier

Type I Barricade

A Type I barricade is a highly reflective 44″ tall barricade used to divert traffic or block roadways. This unit can also have a blinker light attachment for increased visibility during evening hours.

traffic direction lights

Arrow Board

An arrow board is a type of traffic control device used to control or direct traffic on roads. It is a large, illuminated sign with various flashing arrow patterns that indicate the appropriate direction of travel for drivers. Arrow boards are usually used in construction zones or other areas where traffic flow is temporarily altered.

traffic cones

18 inch cone

A traffic cone, also known as a road cone, highway cone, safety cone, witches hat, or construction cone, is a cone-shaped marker used to temporarily redirect traffic. It is designed to be highly visible and usually fluorescent orange or yellow/black. Traffic cones are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents.

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