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Our company provides superior porta john rental services for construction sites. We offer a variety of models and sizes to fit your needs, and our rental prices are competitively priced. Our team delivers and sets up the units, and provides regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing. We also offer accessories such as hand sanitizer stations, hand wash sinks, holding tanks and water tanks. Our technicians are highly trained and certified, and understand the importance of safety and hygiene. We are committed to providing our customers with a safe and clean porta potty experience. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or address any concerns. We look forward to working with you to make your construction site experience a positive one.

We Can Service Any Site

Porta john rental units are commonly used on construction sites due to their convenience and ease of use. The toilets are typically wheeled onto the site and ready for use. This makes them an ideal choice for construction sites that have limited space and need to keep the worksite clean. Portable toilets provide workers with a hygienic and comfortable place to go when nature calls. They also help to keep the worksite free of waste and prevent contaminated runoff from entering nearby bodies of water. Portable toilets can be found on large-scale construction sites, such as those that involve building office complexes or highways, as well as small-scale construction sites like those that involve residential homes. Portable toilets are also an ideal choice for remote construction sites that are located away from public restrooms.

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Porta John Rental

Our porta john rental units are reliable and well-maintained, so you can trust that they are hygienic and safe to use. They are also easy to install and can be placed in any location you need. A standard portable toilet is recommended for every people 10 people on the job site. We can service the units at any frequency from once a week, to seven days a week. A single standard portable toilet is the perfect solution for a small home remodel, but we can also provide multiple units for larger job sites. By renting a porta potty from us, you can ensure that your construction site is up to health and safety standards.

Perfect For Any Location

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New Residential Development

Safety-Quip understands the special requirements for new residential developments. Many of these builds will have multiple lot numbers and require organization to make sure they are all serviced and invoiced properly. We also understand that people live in completed homes while additional construction takes place. We are cautious and promise to take care of the neighborhood and its residents when we arrive to deliver and service the toilets. This includes watching out for mailboxes, freshly poured driveways and newly planted landscaping. It also means driving at slow speeds and being aware of our surroundings. We want to ensure the safety of everyone we encounter and understand that residential areas may have children at play, and community members enjoying the outdoors. Our service will be safe, discreet and reliable.


Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is the process of constructing buildings and other structures for commercial purposes such as office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, and factories. It involves a variety of activities including site preparation, excavation, foundation work, building design and construction, installation of fixtures and equipment, and finishing work. One of the most essential elements to progress in commercial construction is ensuring crew members have the right number of clean restroom facilities. Safety-Quip can provide as many units as the job requires, including high rise and rollaway toilets.

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Industrial and Temporary Sites

An industrial and temporary site is a location that is used for short-term industrial activities such as construction, manufacturing, or large-scale event setup. It typically involves a temporary lease agreement and setup of temporary structures and industrial equipment, and may be located in an open area or an existing industrial facility. These sites can also provide emergent relief during catastrophic events, such as tornados or hurricanes and can include shelters or medical facilities. Porta john rental units and hand wash are critical at the sites to ensure the community and staff have restroom facilities and access to clean water for handwashing.

We Get The Job Done

At Safety-Quip we understand there are always challenges on the job site. Vendor scheduling, costs and keeping crews happy are just a few of them. Our reliable service and quality inventory will provide you with one less thing to worry about on the job site. Safety Quip is the best portable toilet provider because they offer a range of toilets to suit all needs, from basic porta john rental units to luxury portable toilets, and all of their products are designed with safety and sanitation in mind. They also offer great customer service, with expert staff available to answer any questions you may have. Finally, Safety Quip offers competitive prices, making them the ideal provider for all of your portable toilet needs.

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High Rise Unit

A high rise unit is the perfect solution for multi-story and high rise construction. It is a standard unit that has a steel attachment so it can be lifted into the air via a crane. Since it is a full size unit, you do not sacrifice interior or holding tank space. Our team is happy to work with you to schedule the best time to service high rise units so that your crane operator may bring them to the ground without disrupting construction site activity. We often service these units prior to the job site opening so that they can be lifted back into the air at the start of the work day and your crew never has to be without facilities. These units are a safe solution so providing restrooms where you need them the most!

  • Can lift 1014 lb
  • Constructed of Steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Can be used with full waste tank
  • Provide toilets on any floor

Height: 96″

Length: 48″

Width: 48″

Roll Away Unit

A Rollaway unit is a great solution for tight spaces. This toilet is extremely compact, but somehow still has a spacious interior. It is also on stainless steel casters that wont lock up or freeze in the winter. This enable the unit to be rolled through doorways, down halls and into elevator shafts where it can be raised and lowered. An optional roof provides privacy and convenience. These units are stocked with water, blue chemical and toilet paper and will need to be brought to ground level for service. Roll away units are perfect for high rise builds or constructions sites with limited space.

  • Internal urinal
  • can be fully or semi private
  • Fits on freight elevators
  • On casters for portability
  • galvanized metal components
  • can fit through standard doorways

Heights: 78.2″

Depth: 53″

Width: 31.2″

porta potty rental unit
porta john rental unit

Portable Toilet on a Trailer

Mounting a portable toilet to a trailer can be beneficial in many ways. It provides a convenient way to transport the toilet to any event or job site. It is also a great way to ensure that the toilet is securely in place while being transported. Additionally, the trailer can be used to store the toilet when not in use, and it can provide extra storage space for cleaning supplies and other items related to the portable toilet. This is a great way to make a portable toilet more secure, convenient, and organized. These toilets are perfect for roadwork since the toilet can travel along with the crew as the project is completed. By providing an updated location to our customer service representatives you can ensure your toilet will not miss its regular service.

  • Standard portable toilet
  • Installed safely on small trailer
  • can be towed behind vehicle
  • Travels with construction crews
  • Can still be serviced weekly
  • Safe mobile solution

Female Unit

The number of women in the construction industry has been steadily increasing in recent years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of women in construction increased by 21.7% from 2017 to 2019. Women are taking on a wider range of roles in construction, including roles as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and architects. OSHA recommends having separate restroom facilities for women on the job site, and Safety-Quip is proud to prove them! Complete with a female designating sign, a hasp, a lock and a key, these units will be reserved for only women providing a safe and sanitary restroom.

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Flexible Service Schedule

The number of portable toilets needed on a construction job site will depend on the size of the job, the number of workers on the site, and the duration of the job. Generally, it is recommended that one portable toilet is provided for every 10 workers and for every 40 hours of work on the job. For larger jobs, you may want to provide multiple services per week. Our customer service representatives can advise on how many services your site will require to keep crews happy and job site conditions sanitary. We will also work with you to arrive at your job site when units are accessible and site traffic is low. Our team is trained and prepared with their own PPE and will follow all safety rules and regulations.

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