Additional Site Services


hand washing stations

Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Stations

Construction sites should have hand wash stations to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Workers on construction sites often come into contact with hazardous materials, so having a hand wash station is important for keeping them healthy and safe. Additionally, hand washing can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries, since workers’ hands are often exposed to sharp objects or tools. Each sink has dual basins as well as soap dispensers, and paper towels. There is a separate storage tank for the waste water that we remove when servicing in addition to replenishing the fresh water. When freezing temperatures prevent having fresh water onsite, our hand sanitizer stands are the perfect solution for keeping hands clean and sanitized. These stands come stocked with alcohol based sanitizer as recommended by the CDC.

holding tanks

Holding Tanks & Water Tanks

Our holding tanks and water tanks are essential to keeping job sites running, as they provide the necessary water and waste containment for job trailers. These items can be plumbed directly to a job trailer providing running water for sinks and flushing toilets. The 250 gallon waste tanks safely store waste until our trucks are scheduled to service and pump the holding tanks. If traffic increases on the job site, and additional people are using the facilities, our trucks can provide additional services to ensure the restrooms in the job trailer stay functional. Our water tanks come equipped with an electrical pump to keep fresh water flowing. Please note this water is not considered potable, and is intended to use only for handwashing, not for consuming.

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