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Safety-Quip has provided convenient concrete contracting service to the Memphis area and meets a need that is very beneficial to contractors and subcontractors that pour driveways, patios and other concrete surfaces. We mix the concrete at our facility so you don’t have to mix your own. Our service is convenient and easy. We can deliver in small batches or have trailer loads ready to go for pick up. You simply attach the trailer to your vehicle and you can transport the concrete wherever needed. Once the job is completed you return the trailer to us. We can then reload and be ready for your next job!

Perfect for Small Jobs

A small concrete contracting job might involve pouring a small slab for a walkway, patio, or driveway. It would involve measuring and preparing the area, marking off the area to be poured, laying out a form to contain the concrete, and ordering the right materials. On the day of pouring, the concrete would be mixed, and then spread and leveled out. The concrete would be left to cure and harden, and then any additional finishing steps, such as troweling or staining, could be completed. Finally, the area could be sealed to protect it from the elements and to ensure a long-lasting job.

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Concrete Contracting Service

At Safety-Quip, our experience in concrete contracting goes back over 60 years! We know concrete as well as we know Memphis, and we are ready to mix, deliver, and pour to your specifications to better complete your next project. Our concrete is mixed onsite and is first some first serve for pick up and delivery. Trailers offered at Safety Quip offer the best value around, short of mixing your own bags. Our trailers require a 2″ ball hitch and hold up to a yard and a quarter of concrete.

Memphis Concrete Contracting Services

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Residential Concrete Needs

Small projects that require concrete include building patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor steps, and garden edging. Other small projects that require concrete contracting include installing mailboxes, repair sidewalks, creating a shed foundation, making a planter box, and installing a fountain. Whatever you dream of, Safety-Quip can help you build it in concrete! When working with concrete for small projects, it is important to ensure that the concrete is properly mixed, laid, and sealed. You can pick up a pre-loaded trailer or Safety-Quip can deliver directly to your site for added convenience.

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Concrete Delivery

We offer the convenience of delivery or you may pick up a trailer of concrete depending on your hauling capabilities. If you do not have a vehicle with a 2″ ball hitch, delivery may be the best option for you! Our delivery trucks carry 3.5 yards each with 1 delivery fee per every 2 trucks (1 delivery fee of $200 per every 7 yards). Unlike standard concrete trucks, we are able to drive on a driveway, but cannot be responsible for damages. Please note our trucks weigh 28,000 lbs fully loaded. Please consider the weight of the vehicle prior to asking us to drive on your surfaces. We will not drive on grass or turf due to the weight of our vehicle as they are prone to getting stuck and causing damage to landscaping. When requesting delivery for concrete, our customer service representatives can help determine the proper amount for your project. We will then deliver and back up as close as possible to the project to unload your concrete. You or your team is then responsible for properly laying the concrete. We recommend using a professional contractor with the right experience to ensure the success of your project!

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A Successful Concrete Project

There are many things to consider when planning your concrete contracting project. First, you need to ensure the site is properly prepared. This includes clearing the area of debris and weeds, compacting the soil, and laying a gravel base of 3–4 inches. When pouring the concrete, you should ensure that it is spread evenly and that there are no air pockets or voids. After the concrete is poured, you should use a trowel to smooth the surface. You may also need to use a concrete edger to give the edges a finished look. After pouring the concrete, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before applying any weight to the surface. You should also cover the concrete with plastic or wet burlap to help it cure properly. How many square feet 7 yards can poor varies depending on how deep the hole you are filling is. A typical driveway is 4 inches thick. Going 4 inches thick, 1 yard pours 81 square feet. Our friendly customer service representatives are also happy to help determine how much concrete you will need.

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Concrete Trailer Pick up

Concrete trailer pick up is a first come first service product that provides ease and convenience for small concrete projects. A 2″ ball hitch is required to pick up one of our pre-loaded trailers. They hold 1.25 yards and you are welcome to as many trailers as you can haul with multiple vehicles. Customers are not limited to 1 trailer load at any given time. We cannot take concrete reservations, so be sure to get there early in the morning to secure your concrete! The trailers have a hydraulic jack so the whole trailer will lift up and concrete pours right out of the back for easy pouring. You can drive on grass with them so you can back right up to your hole and pour, no wheelbarrows needed. Save your strength and your back by renting one of our concrete hauling trailers! In terms of coverage, 1.25 yards will pour 101.25 square feet going 4 inches thick. If the depth of the hole is not 4 inches, the 101 square feet would not be accurate, so be mindful of the depth of your project.

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Concrete for Driveways

Our small batch concrete is perfect for pouring Driveways and patios. While we recommend working with a professional, here are some things to understand if you consider yourself a skilled DIY-er. Firstly, you need to prepare the area, removing any stones, weeds or grass and levelling the surface. Then you can start laying the concrete. Start by laying a base of compacted hardcore, followed by a layer of sand. You can then start laying the concrete, making sure it is evenly spread and properly compacted. Use a trowel to smooth the surface and create an even finish. Once it has dried, you can use a brush or broom to sweep away any excess. Finally, you can seal the concrete surface to protect it from the weather and wear and tear. Now you have a durable and attractive driveway made from concrete.

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Concrete for Patios and Firepits

Enhance the beauty of your home and enjoy the outdoors with a new patio, walkway or firepit. Our concrete trailers for rent, or concrete delivery is the perfect amount to improve the outdoor living area of your home. A concrete patio is the best because it is durable, versatile, and customizable. It can last for decades with minimal maintenance and is highly resistant to weather, fire, rot, and pests. A concrete pad for a firepit creates a finished look that will extend the months you can enjoy the outdoors. The whole family will enjoy roasting marshmallows when the cooler months come around! A concrete walkway provides a clear path to your outdoor areas and keep pedestrians off of grass and prevents damage to landscaping. They are an attractive way to provide a path through your property.

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Our concrete contracting products are very convenient because it eliminates the need to mix and measure out the ingredients yourself. This saves time and energy, and minimizes the chance of errors in the mixing process. Pre-mixed concrete is also very cost effective, as it eliminates the need to purchase multiple bags of dry ingredients and the cost of fuel for mixing the concrete. It is also very convenient for smaller projects, as it eliminates the need to rent or purchase a cement mixer. Furthermore, pre-mixed concrete eliminates the need to dispose of excess materials, as it comes in a predetermined amount. Pre-mixed concrete also eliminates the risk of improper mixing of ingredients and the need for quality control. Overall, pre-mixed concrete is a very convenient and cost effective way to get a quality, reliable concrete mix without all the hassle of manual mixing.

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