Choosing the right porta john is crucial for any event or construction project. At Safety Quip in Memphis, TN, we understand the significance of finding the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re planning a special event or overseeing a construction site, having the right porta john can make all the difference.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the essential information to help you make an informed decision. Let’s explore our wide range of options and find the porta john rental option that suits you best!

Standard Special Event Porta Potty Rental Unit

Our Standard Special Event Porta Potty Rental Unit boasts dimensions that ensure both functionality and comfort. Standing at an impressive height of 89.25″, it provides ample headroom for all users. With a depth of 47″ and a width of 43″, this compact and sturdy porta potty fits seamlessly into your event space without sacrificing convenience.

ADA Porta Potty Rental Toilet

With dimensions of Height: 90.5, Depth: 86.5, and Width: 66, our ADA Porta Potty Rental Toilet ensures accessibility and comfort for special events requiring an inclusive restroom option.

As the name suggests, this porta john is compliant with ADA guidelines. As such, it is designed to provide a safe and accommodating experience.

Flushable Porta Potty Rental Unit

Introducing our Flushable Porta Potty Rental Unit, a convenient and comfortable solution for special events. It has dimensions of Height: 89.25, Depth: 47, and Width: 43. This porta potty offers the perfect combination of functionality and compactness.

Porta Potty Rental with Handwash

Our Porta Potty Rental with Handwash is the perfect solution for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at your special event. With its compact design, this porta potty seamlessly integrates a convenient hand wash station. It has dimensions of Height: 89.25, Depth: 47, and Width: 43.

High Rise Unit

Our High Rise Unit is specifically designed to meet the restroom needs of multi-story and high-rise construction projects. With its impressive dimensions of Height: 96, Length: 48, and Width: 48, this unit offers a spacious interior and ample holding tank capacity without compromising on convenience.

Roll Away Unit

With dimensions of Height: 78.2, Depth: 53, and Width: 31.2, our Roll Away Unit is the perfect solution for tight spaces where portability is crucial. Despite its compact size, this porta potty provides a surprisingly spacious interior, ensuring optimal comfort for users. It’s especially perfect for construction projects. 

Choosing the Right Size Porta John Rental

Now you know the different sizes and dimensions for our range of porta john rental options. It’s time to share some tips for choosing the right size for your needs.

Assess the Expected Attendance

The first step in selecting the appropriate porta toilet size is to determine the expected number of attendees or workers. Consider the peak attendance hours and the duration of the event or project. This estimate will give you a rough idea of the most suitable size, as well as how many portable toilets you will need.

There is a general guide to follow when it comes to determining the number of porta potties you need for an event. As a guideline, for events, it is recommended to have one unit for every 50-100 people (though the length of the event should also be factored in). For construction sites, the ratio is typically one unit per 10 workers.

Consider the Duration of the Event or Project

As noted above, the duration of the event or project is another crucial factor to consider. Longer events or projects will need more frequent servicing and maintenance of the porta johns.

If you anticipate an extended period of use, it may be wise to opt for larger units or arrange for regular servicing to ensure optimal cleanliness and functionality.

Evaluate the Type of Event or Project

Different events and projects have varying restroom requirements. Consider the nature of your event or project to determine the appropriate porta john size.

For example, special events such as weddings or festivals may need larger units with additional amenities like handwashing stations or ADA-compliant options. On the other hand, construction sites may benefit from compact units that can fit into tight spaces while still providing essential facilities.

Account for Additional Amenities

Depending on the nature of your event or project, you may need to account for additional amenities beyond the standard porta john. For example, some units come equipped with handwashing stations, mirrors, or baby changing stations.

Consider your specific needs and choose a portable toilet size that accommodates any extra amenities required to enhance the experience for your attendees or workers. We offer a range of extra accessories when you are renting a porta john.

Optimize Space and Placement

It’s important to take into account the available space at your event or project site. You should consider the layout and traffic flow to determine the most strategic placement for the porta johns.

In cases where space is limited, compact units or innovative solutions can be considered. These include high-rise units or roll-away units. These options provide flexibility while maximizing restroom availability in constrained areas.

Porta John Rental Sizes and Dimensions to Know

Understanding porta john rental sizes and dimensions is essential when planning events or projects that need temporary restroom facilities.

In addition to the considerations mentioned, it’s crucial to partner with a reputable porta john rental provider. This will ensure the highest quality service and reliable equipment.

Contact Safety Quip today to discuss your requirements. You’ll enjoy our expertise in providing top-notch porta john rental options. Click here for a free quote and to rent a porta potty.