There’s one thing you should never, ever do: steal a designated handicapped parking spot. Yet year after year, non-disabled people park there out of convenience. Some even go a step further by stealing accessible parking permits or faking them.

Unfortunately, the disabled have to contend with more than just stolen parking spots. Using an outdoor porta john rental can present a similar issue.

Most inside bathrooms are already too small for wheelchair access. Now, imagine a disabled person struggling with a cramped portable toilet rental cube and a non-ADA toilet.

The solution is an ADA restroom trailer. These are accessible restroom options for wheelchair-bound individuals. Read on as we discuss renting them for your outdoor events.

What Is the ADA?

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, is part of federal civil rights. It prevents general discrimination against anyone who has a disability. This includes workplace discrimination, access to government programs, and the ability to purchase goods or services.

The ADA covers a wide variety of impairments. It’s not just people in wheelchairs. This could include people with cerebral palsy, blindness, and more.

Remember this: not all disabilities are visible. A disabled person may, at first glance, appear like anyone else. This is why it’s important to provide necessary accommodation regardless.

The ADA has standards for “Accessible Design.” That is, buildings and public spaces should make themselves accessible to those with disabilities. Namely, wheelchair ramps and ADA-compliant bathrooms. 

Do You Need to Comply with ADA Standards? 

In Tennessee, yes. The TDOT ADA office adheres to federal ADA regulations. This means government and public spaces must provide accommodation. Bathrooms are a part of that requirement.

ADA penalties can be steep. Fines may go all the way up to $75,000 in extreme cases. This usually refers to buildings, though, and not outdoor events.

Better safe than sorry, though. Having ADA bathroom rental trailers isn’t just the morally right decision. It may be illegal to do otherwise.

What Identifies an ADA Restroom Trailer?

Just because a portable toilet rental is roomy doesn’t make it compliant. ADA has a specific list of standards that a toilet must include. Use this checklist to determine if it’s an ADA-compliant toilet:

  • Extra-wide doors 
  • Reinforced floor construction
  • A low floor or ramp access
  • Handrails up to the door
  • Plenty of room for wheelchair navigation

Most importantly, an ADA-compliant restroom of any kind has a placard. You’ve seen this placard everywhere you go. It features a stick figure man sitting in a wheelchair over a blue field.

Restroom Features Inside

Additionally, internal features are a necessity for ADA bathrooms. This includes the following design features with disabled people in mind:

  • Enough floor space for a wheelchair to turn 360°
  • A sink at wheelchair height 
  • Grab rails around the toilet
  • Larger toilet space

Even in a roomy, standard bathroom, accommodations may be lacking. Having sinks that are too tall or toilets lacking grab rails makes a huge difference. Following ADA guidelines is best practice and shows consideration for disabled guests.

How Many Bathroom Trailers Do You Need?

Believe it or not, there is a science as to how many bathrooms you need per guest. Numbers will vary depending on whom you ask. Some experts say you need approximately one toilet for every 100 guests.

Of course, we are referring to abled guests. What about those in need of ADA handicap-accessible portable restrooms?

Formula for Calculating ADA-Compliant Portable Bathroom Trailers

The industry standard is to have one handicapped restroom per 20 porta potty rental units. To be clear, that’s 1 single porta potty bathroom, not an entire trailer that has multiple bathrooms.

This is known as the 5% rule. 5% of your bathrooms should be ADA-compliant. Of course, nothing is stopping you from getting more.

Account for Non-Disabled Users

Sadly, many abled people use ADA restrooms out of convenience, not necessity. After all, they are roomier with a larger toilet. This may deprive truly disabled people from using the bathroom.

For this reason, it’s a good rule of thumb to include more than you need. Having one extra ADA restroom could make a huge difference for disabled guests.

Even if you don’t have disabled guests, it’s still a nice bathroom to include. Everyone hates having to use a cramped, smelly bathroom close to the festivities. Larger bathrooms–such as ADA bathrooms–really help everyone feel at ease.

Options for Renting ADA Bathroom Rental Trailers

Trailers are an excellent option for renting outdoor restrooms. Rather than an individual porta john rental, you get multiple restrooms in a single trailer. They look better than the average porta potty and have a bit more room.

You likely won’t find a trailer with only ADA-compliant restrooms. Instead, you can rent a trailer that includes a single disabled restroom.

Think of it as an extended trailer. The ADA restroom is on the right side, next to two standard porta potty rental bathrooms. It has its own folding ramp and railings for wheelchair access.

Same as any ADA restroom, this one has plenty of room. It features running-water sinks, flushing toilets, and wood-like floors. Your disabled guests are able to enjoy the same luxury as everyone else. 

Rent With Safety Quip

An ADA restroom trailer is a must-have for any outdoor event. The law compels you to do so, thanks to the ADA federal regulation. More than that, it’s the moral decision to provide comfort and inclusivity for your disabled guests.

Safety Quip provides restroom rentals for special outdoor events and construction sites. Get a quote here so we can supply your venue with the perfect number of units.